Writing for Literacies

Literacies: Researching practice, practising research is a journal about adult literacy research and practice in Canada. Many people from across Canada shared in creating the framework for this journal.

Our Vision:
We want Literacies to be a journal for people to share ideas and experiences about how research and practice connect, and how each can inform the other.

To us, literacy practice includes a wide range of activities that help people learn, use and extend literacies. These activites include organized literacy programs as well as other activities that integrate literacy development and expand people’s opportunities and resources for reading and writing.

We value research that is connected to adult literacy programs and related activities in a range of sites and contexts across the country and around the world. We also value a range of types of inquiry including reflections, discussions, debates and creative work in various genres.

Our intention is to respect and nurture diversity. We insist that materials we publish use non-discriminatory language and avoid stereotypes.

Our Readers:
Our readers include people interested in adult literacy research and practice. They may have one or more roles including teaching, research, professional development, consulting, networking, or policy development. They may work in other fields that connect in some way to adult literacy.

Literacies is published twice a year (spring and fall). Contributions are welcome at any time.

Checklist for contributors:

My submission relates to the vision and intentions of Literacies.

My name only appears on the title page.

My title page includes my name and contact information, the name of the article and a 50-word biography.

If I want my piece reviewed by peers, the title page includes my request.

My submission is written clearly, with a minimum of jargon and acronyms.

My submission includes a bibliography of the sources I used.

My submission has not been published before now.

I understand that if my piece is published, Literacies has the right to post it on their website.

I understand that if my piece is published, I will receive two copies of Literacies.