The Latest Social Media Craze for Marketers: Going Offline

Businesses know it very well that they need to compete with other brands who are having the same niche. Only then a business can gain a competitive edge over others. However, it has been seen that standing out as a brand has become very difficult for a business unless they take the help of right SEO strategies. In this regards, a business can take the help of top SEO firm in Canada. Social media professionals can help brands to stand out from the rest simply by merging the online and offline marketing campaigns. By doing so, it can help businesses, to increase their engagement with the audience.

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Social Media: Convenient Platform

One of the authoritative way through which businesses can reach out to potential or target customers is through social media platform. However, it has been seen that the efforts taken by businesses across the social media lasts for only a few seconds.

Global strategist of Facebook, Carolyn Coyne stated that even after Facebook being popular, Facebook videos are viewed only for 5.7 seconds on an average. And marketers have only fraction of seconds in order to connect with the audience, before the audience move on to another thing.

Care should be taken as the social media content that a business would be sharing is going to compete with other updates and also the algorithms. Thus, top SEO firm in Canada can help businesses to look out for other ways in order to connect with their customers.

Other Alternatives

In the real world, marketers know it very well that impression can last longer than the usual 6-seconds. Hence, business can look out for other ways in order to strengthen their relationship with customers. Off late, it has been seen that experiential marketing is gaining popularity.

Coupon Codes

It has been seen that brand experience can help businesses to establish a sense of loyalty among customers. Most businesses believe that brand experience can help target audience to engage better with a brand. Face to face interaction can help to engage with customers in a better way. Offline audiences can be provided with reward points which they can redeem once they visit the store. For example, coupon code can be provided to the audiences.

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Email and Phone Numbers

Top SEO firm in Canada can collect phone numbers and email address of the audiences after an event. It can be then used by businesses to keep customers updated about their ongoing or upcoming offers at store through SMS alert.

Dynamic Retargeting

A latest craze in the world of social media is that businesses can take the help of retargeting platform and learn about the audiences who visited the store ads based on their interest.

Trackable Links

Top SEO firms in Canada feel that presentation or business cards should have trackable links or QR codes in them. It can help people to interact with the business in a better way. Also, distributing collateral can help businesses to know about their offline audiences who might be interested in the business.

Businesses can make best use of their offline and social media marketing in order to create a campaign for connecting with the audience. For this top SEO firm in Canada can help to take proper initiative and even help a business to succeed offline.