Our next issue

Here are some articles that we are working on for the Fall 2003 issue – or Spring 2004:

Analysis articles are formal studies by practitioners or academic researchers.
Some Analysis articles we are working on:

  • Artifacts as Research Tools
  • Giving them Roots and Wings: Arts in the Classroom
  • Letters as a Research Tool
  • Alphabetisation as distinct from Literacy
  • Linking literacy to other community work

Reflection articles are accounts of personal experience, reflections, exchanges of letters or edited conversations between people involved in literacy practice and research.
Some Reflection articles we are working on:

  • Being Aboriginal in Academia
  • Dialogue about francophone and Anglophone literacy
  • Bridges across the pond – RaPAL

Opinion articles include positions and arguments on current issues in teaching practice, program organization and public policy.
An Opinion article we are working on:

  • Testing plain language texts with adult learners

Book Reviews are introductions to and discussions of books about or relevant to adult literacy research and practice.
Some Books to be reviewed:

  • Teaching Reading to Adults: A balanced approach by Pat Campbell
  • Supporting Learning, Supporting Change: A research project on self-management and self-direction by Katrina Grieve

Worth Knowing About articles are about literacy practice and research events.
Some Worth Knowing About articles we are working on:

  • The Field Speaks on Literacy Research: MCL Action Agenda findings
  • How union and management can forge strong workplace programs: the CAMA / CUPE Literate Cities
  • The National Indigenous Literacy Association