Literacies is a place for people to share ideas and experiences about how research and practice connect.

To us, literacy practice includes a wide range of activities that help people learn, use and extend literacies.

But what is research?

My own definition of research is constantly changing. I used to think that research happened in universities and needed reams of data to support the theories proposed.

Then I did a program-based research project into how women use computers in literacy programs. The ‘sample size’ was small and I wondered about the ‘big picture’ value of any findings. But the project had, and continues to have, a big influence on practice in the program. So, while we did not collect enough data to make definitive global statements, we did learn enough to feel that we can offer a curriculum that meets the needs of the learners in our program. After the project, I started to see that whenever I try a new approach with a group of learners, I am conducting a mini-research project that has a direct effect on my practice.