What our readers are saying about Literacies:

“I’m just reading about the journal idea now. Knowing this project is underway is great news! I have been working in the adult literacy field just over a year now, and find it very hard to make connections with other practitioners.”

“I have previewed the journal and congratulations to all involved. It was well done.”

“With reference to your first edition of the Literacies Journal it looks very good. Great journal!”

“I have just returned from a short holiday to find a copy of Literacies on my desk. I don’t know how it got there, but I am convinced that we need a subscription to it.”

“I teach in two areas in the Education faculty … literacy and Aboriginal education. This journal is very informative for me.”

“I just got done reading your first issue of Literacies and loved it. I would like to receive your fall issue. We are also going to subscribe.”

“What a treat it was to have this arrive today! I like everything about it…the paper. The cover, colours, title, subject matter and of course, price! Perfect timing too, just before the Literacy and Research Institute in Newfoundland … I read the article about literacy front line workers being so busy counting and measuring and form filling that we have no time to read and completely concur… however, I am reading this tonight! Thank you for seeing the idea through!”

“I was excited to see the first issues of Literacies! Unfortunately, that copy belongs to a colleague who would like to have it back. I would love to get a copy of the first two free issues, if possible. I will be subscribing to the magazine this week. I attended the OISE Symposium and work in the Native stream, so it was validating to see the article by Eileen Antone and to see Aboriginal literacy featured prominently on the cover. Thanks for the good work.”

“Just found yr website, love the name, love the movement, way to be!”

“The box arrived last night. The journal is stunning – so readable and inspiring and exciting. The best thing to have happened in years. Congratulations! So glad you are doing this.”